"Having worked with a different PT previously and giving up only a week later after receiving a generic program that failed to meet any of my needs, I needed someone who would put my needs first. Having suffered from arthritis in both my knees and receiving regular cortisone injections for many years, I was being met with the reality of having my knees replaced. 
Throughout the last 18 months, Harry has guided me through the process of fully rehabilitating my knees. I can now deadlift my bodyweight and can move pain-free in my day-to-day life, without the need for surgery or injections. I am continuing to work with him indefinitely to continue developing both my physical and mental well-being. Harry is not just a PT, he’s a support network!"


"Training with Harry is one of the best things I could have done for my fitness journey. Not only are sessions super fun, the growth in my gym confidence is second to none. I was previously scared to go to a gym alone, despite gymming for 2 years I would only ever go with a friend! Now, I can happily walk into any gym, pick up the weight equipment or sit on a machine and have no anxiety about it. Harry’s knowledge is incredible. When he corrects your form or shows you something new, he will support it with so many facts. He makes you fully understand why you are doing something, which I love. Sessions with Harry are just standard weekly practice now. I can’t wait to see what another year brings!"


"Before I started with Harry I didn’t know the difference between a Romanian deadlift and a standard deadlift! 18 months with Harry’s guidance and I can deadlift 100kg- however it’s not all about the numbers I now have the confidence to walk into most gyms and workout! Harrys not just a 12 weeks quick fix Harry’s for life!"


"When I moved to Redditch I was worried about finding a new PT that would understand me as an individual. This was a huge relief when I met Harry. From the first face-to-face assessment to the current day each session has been fantastic. Harry really knows how to motivate individuals and target specific areas.
The programming is great with the right balance of exercises and strength building. Harry is continuously looking to help me improve and is also really empathetic to clients having those days where a plan B may be necessary. My time with Harry has been awesome and I can definitely see some great areas of growth."


"As I moved up North for my university studies, I was not able to continue my face-to-face personal training sessions but I still wanted Harry to be my trainer, so I opted for online coaching. Harry has been a great source of guidance and support, helping me to train effectively under his remote supervision. It`s great how adaptable he is, especially if you have a change of circumstance like I did but still want to continue with a personal trainer, and I look forward to having those 1-1 sessions once I am back. Highly recommend!" 


"If you are serious about re-shaping your body and mind, Harry is there to help you accomplish this objective. He tailors each session for you so you can reach the best results. He shows a good balance of patience and he is also strict. I can see my progress over the years since training with him. I recommend Harry if you are looking for a personal trainer who will work closely with you!"