At Harry Mason Personal Training, everyone has the right to look amazing and as a result, feel amazing. Personal training extends beyond just physical exercise; it's about adopting sustainable, lifelong changes to build a body and mind you are proud of! You will be provided with the tools, guidance, and accountability to ensure you achieve your goals.

My Journey

My reason for first stepping foot in the gym was similar to many; to be happy with the reflection in the mirror. Like many in this situation I was hit with insecurity, a lack of knowledge, and the worry of judgment. After spending time researching about training and nutrition, I learned that if you know how the systems in the body work, you can manipulate them to get a desired result.
This sparked my interest for training, nutrition, and performance - how to optimize progress for the quickest results. This led me to undertaking my degree in Sports Science. Wind forward to now, I have collated thousands of hours working with a diverse variety of people, ranging from individuals first stepping foot in a gym, to elite athletes looking to optimize every aspect of their performance.


Bsc (hons) Sports, exercise and health science
Personal training Diploma  
NSPPC Child Protection in sport and physical activity

Area of Specialty

My area of expertise lies in strength and hypertrophy training, which focuses on increasing strength and building muscle mass. The primary objective of this training is to enhance both your physical appearance and overall well-being. What sets me apart from other coaches is my unique skill in simplifying intricate scientific concepts into easily understandable pieces of information.  This allows individuals of all backgrounds to grasp these concepts and apply them to their daily lives, thereby optimizing their progress.

Body Transformation

Muscle Gain

Strength Gain

Sports Specific Exercise

Fat Loss

Confidence and Mindset

Take a Look Inside

Step into Athena, the exclusive training facility where I coach my clients. Nestled in Redditch, Athena stands out from other gyms with its unique offerings. From a wide range of equipment to personalized coaching sessions and a supportive community of coaches, Athena ensures a positive experience for all!

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